Woman finds ‘gold’, duped of jewellery

HYDERABAD: A woman’s greed did her in. In her happiness at finding a gold bar on the road, she lost gold jewellery weighing five tolas to con artistes on Wednesday.

The Keesara police said the victim, Narsamma, was at the Nagaram market when she stumbled on a purse. Two women, who were part of a gang, stage-managed the scene and picked up the purse before her. They made it appear that there was a gold bar in the purse. To add authenticity to the gold bar claim, a man, also part of the gang, approached them and vouched that the bar was pure.

The accused convinced the woman that instead of trying to split the bar, she could part with the jewellery on her person. “As an alternative to sharing the gold, the two women asked Narsamma to give her ring and mangalsutram, which weighed nearly five tolas. The victim, hoping to get 10 tolas of gold, gave away her valuables,” Keesara inspector M Surender Goud said.

When the victim approached a goldsmith on Thursday morning, he declared that the bar was not real. The victim lodged a complaint. The police are on the lookout for the accused.