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Waxed Apparel Introduction

Waxed Apparel was started of a passion for the water and being outdoors by two brothers. The brothers were Matt Davis and Eric. When setting out to develop Waxed Apparel, the two brothers had the vision to redefine the performance apparel industry. Despite focusing on superior hydrophobic performance, they had another objective to produce quality hydrophobic products at a great price. The performance apparel is equipped with another vital element of advanced coating technology that helps maintain its performance.

Why Choose Waxed Apparel?

The apparel industry has a vital coating technological element. The tech allows the apparels to last wash after wash while maintaining their performance. Their products are free from harsh chemicals and very safe for the environment. The waxed apparels are designed for performances. The garments repel water like a lotus leaf in the woods. If they become wet, they dry out quickly to keep comfort and engagement. Waxed Apparels are designed for various sports activities such as boating, skiing, snowboarding, biking, diving, hiking, paddle boarding, fishing, wakeboarding, and surfing. The waxed Apparel consists of a brand that encompasses lifestyle and dedication to water sports.


Water Repellants

Waxed Apparels are designed for performance and they repel water like a lotus leaf in the woods. In cases they get wet they dry faster and quicker to ensure that the wearer remains comfortable and engaged.

Machine Washable

The Waxed Apparel is designed to be washed by a machine. They are fitted with a vital element that allows their advanced coating technology last when washed and to maintain their performance.

Skin Safety

Waxed Apparel are substantially free from harsh chemicals and safe for the environment. That assures the skin’s safety since the apparel is free from any toxicities. Thus the water activities can continue as long as it should.

Breathable Apparels

The Waxed Apparels constitute one of the major components of individual protective clothing. They ensure rapid moisture vapor transmission through the garment, thereby making the water activity more comfortable and engaging. The breathable apparels are all about Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate.


Men’s Waxed Apparels

This includes men’s 100% waxed hydrophobic Treatment polyesters. The men’s waxed apparels are designed for performance. The fabrics are hydrophobic and repel water to ensure that the wearer is always comfortable and engaged. The apparels are available in an extensive collection and colors to choose from including; Men’s Pioneer, Waxed Performance, and Waxed Sportsman.

Women’s Waxed Apparel

Waxed Apparel is very vital and great for any active woman. It can be worn women while performing their household’s chores. They are available in different colors to choose from depending on which one compliments them best.

Waxed Hats

They are designed to contour the head naturally. The waxed performance Hat features the comfort and stretch of Flexfit technology. They are hydrophobic, stain-resistant, and light weighted with a waxed logo on the crown ready to deliver superior performance.


Waxed cotton will never compete with technical freedom of movement. They are designed for performance. Having been designed for commitment and engagement since they are still convenient since they are hydrophobic. The technology allows customers to focus on performing better and staying drier and cleaner.