Want to slay at work? Opt for capes in bold colours and interesting jackets

Today, the work wear trend for women is bending towards floral miniatures in bold colours, and interesting capes and jackets too, say experts. Shweta Sharma, founder at lifestyle brands ombrelane.com and Sneha Mehta, founder at kukoonthelabel.com, have listed work wear trends that could be looked at by the modern woman:

* Incorporating prints into work wear has given an opportunity for the modern working woman to explore several prints and motifs that describe her. Prints can be easily incorporated into any occasion — for a meeting it can be paired with a blazer and for an evening out it can be highlighted by a necklace.

* Neutral and darker tones are not the only options available anymore. Invest in eternal pastels, but also of the bolder ones ranging from deep reds to natural greens.

* Monotone blazers, solid flared pants, minimal, classic accessories are the way to go. There is nothing more crisp and classic than pairing white and black separates together. This combination can be a go-to look if you are running late and have no time to dress up.

* Pencil skirts to ankle-length flared ones, paired with the right top and polished accessories, can be your Friday favourite.

* Printed scarves in bright colours can instantly perk up your look. Keeping the entire look minimal and wearing solid colours will help you stand out. It’s a great option for mid-week meetings.

* Capes and long jackets are a great investment. Important meetings are to be dealt with looking powerful and the look should command attention. A smart cape is a fashion essential.