Versatile Layered Necklace by Maheka Mirpuri for Ghanasingh Be True

Coming from a legacy of fine-crafted jewellery, touched with a wealth of experience, Ghanasingh BE TRUE is a name that is synonymous with trust and eminence.

The label has intricately crafted a limited edition, statement- layered necklace, designed by Maheka Mirpuri, curated in luscious South Sea pink pearls along with Mozambican Emeralds and Blue Tanzanite in vibrant tones.

Unconventional colours like green and blue are strung together, forged in designs that evoke a glittering grandeur. Pink Pearls remain a highlight across the piece which sets a precedent for jewellery that is a unique marriage of traditional concepts with contemporary design. A stunning complement to any outfit, this magnificent 5 brooch necklace bears true testimony to Ghanasingh BE TRUE’s commitment to captivating and timeless jewellery.


[SOURCE :-indianjeweller]