Uster unveils new filament yarn testing machine – Uster Tester 6-C800

Uster Tester 6-C800

Switzerland-based manufacturer of analytical instruments and on-line monitoring systems for the textile industry, Uster has launched the new filament yarn testing machine – Uster Tester 6-C800, which is equipped with new sensor technology and innovative features aimed at being ‘right first time’.

The technology provider said that the new digital capacitive sensor CC of the Uster Tester 6-C800 is capable of delivering higher accuracy and reliability than ever before. It also features a graphical user interface, with an intuitive touchscreen monitor. Moreover, the new Knowledge Based System (KBS) allows users to trace the cause of quality problems on the spinning machine quickly, without the need for extra settings or input from the machine supplier, Uster states.

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The company said in a press release, “The new Uster Tester 6-C800 meets that description, with purpose-designed sensors which will set unique standards, making it an essential equipment in the laboratory of every filament yarn producer. For the first time, spinners benefit from a built in knowledge based system and data about twist; two of the many reasons for a safe investment.”

Headquartered in Uster, Switzerland, the company is a global market leader in textile quality control, from ‘fibre to fabric’.


[SOURCE :-apparelresources]