Toyota Glanza – Top 4 accessories

Toyota Glanza - Top 4 accessories

The Toyota Glanza is on sale in India now and gets a wide variety of accessories like the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Apart from the usual cosmetic and utility options, let’s take a look at the top four personalisation options for the premium hatchback.

Toyota Glanza accessories

1. Aero kit

To give the Glanza a snazzy look, Toyota is offering an aero kit. This includes a front bumper lip and rear bumper extension along with side skirts. It is available in white, silver, blue, grey and red colours.

Toyota Glanza accessories

2. Interior styling kit

The car’s cabin can also be glammed up with the help of an interior styling kit. It can be had in a wooden or a blue colour finish.

Toyota Glanza accessories

3. Seat covers

There are plenty of seat cover options too with different colours, finish and patterns. One can opt from silver carbon, rhombus grid, horizontal lines, rising lines, flow pattern and a lot more.

Toyota Glanza accessories

4. Chrome accents

This is one of the most favourite amongst customers – chrome accents. There are different chrome embellishments that can be fitted on to the Glanza to add to the bling.

Toyota Glanza accessories