Tortoise walker is a lazy person’s dream job

NOT a particularly active person and looking for a job that’s a walk in the park? Then this Craigslist ad is the gig for you.

In one of the more bizarre pet-sitting adverts we’ve stumbled upon, a tortoise owner is seeking a responsible animal lover to take her 16-year-old tortoise, Henry, for walks in Central Park in New York while she’s at work. And she’s offering $10 an hour for the right person.

Henry’s owner Amanda took to Craigslist to seek out the perfect companion for her steady pal. “Wanted: Tortoise Walker,” the post is titled. “Yep, for real.”

Henry the tortoise

The ad specifies: “No tortoise experience necessary, but you must be an animal person and also good with people. Trust me — they’ll want to talk to you!

“If you’re sociable and like to hang out in Central Park anyway, this is an easy gig.”

Henry, an African spurred tortoise, even has a pet stroller to get him to the park, but once there he “can roam freely under your watchful eye”.

Amanda, who lives in Manhattan and has owned Henry for two years, included some stats about her unique pet.

Henry doesn’t wear a leash but is remarkably speedy, “so you’ll need to keep an eye on him”. He weighs just more than 7kg and is “surprisingly energetic and fearless”. He also has a habit of eating rubbish.

The best part? “No poop scooping required!”

Henry has his very own pet stroller.

Henry has his very own pet stroller.Source:Supplied

Interested applicants should know that Henry also has his own Instagram account, so you’d probably have to be open to taking the odd selfie in the park.

Here are some of his best posts.

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