Thong jeans: Bizarre fashion trend that will make you cringe

’Thong jeans’ made their runway debut in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Everyone wants to look good. We’re always following the newest and coolest trends in the fashion world, but sometimes even the designers don’t know what they are doing. Two words: ‘thong jeans’.

Even as good old high-waisted mom jeans are having a moment, experimental denim has reached its natural conclusion, which is apparently just a waistband and cuffs with some long flaps billowing in the space between. Oh, and a tiny strip of denim down the centre of your b*tt, of course. Because you gotta leave something to the imagination, right?

While you were busy celebrating a Green Diwali, these so-called jeans, the brainchild of designer Meiko Ban of the Japanese label Thibaut, made headlines for being out-of-the-ordinary. The denim disaster, which the internet has already dubbed ‘jongs’ (get it?), made their debut on the runway last week at the Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo.