Ten more RMG suppliers fail to comply with Accord’s safety standards


Ten more RMG suppliers in Bangladesh have faced Accord’s fury for failing to make sufficient progress in remediation work to ensure safe working environment for the workers.

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh – a platform of European brands and retailers – has cut ties with the firms – Assersion Design, Bonded Fashion Ltd, Camlet Fashions Ltd, Denier Fashion, Foptex (Pvt) Ltd, Glare Fashion Ltd, Green Life Knittex Ltd, Mark Mode Ltd, Silver Style & Design Ltd and Sung Kwang Sweaters Ltd. The Accord has issued a complete and detailed statement regarding the termination of Accord signatory companies’ business relations with these suppliers, all of which were inspected for fire, electrical and structural safety measures by the Accord recently.

“After many attempts by the Accord staff, the factories failed to cooperate with the Accord and submit a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA),” Accord said in a statement.

The Accord signatory companies, using these factories, as of March 17, 2016 are hence required to terminate their business relationship with these suppliers and all factories they operate.

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The Accord will work with the labour and companies signatories in an effort to ensure that any affected workers are offered employment with safe suppliers.

Where corrective actions to eliminate safety hazards are identified, factories are required to implement these corrective actions according to a schedule that is mandatory and time-bound.

If a supplier fails to implement the Accord’s corrective actions and cooperate fully with the Accord’s inspection and related programmes, the supplier will receive a notice and a warning that its business with the Accord signatory companies will be terminated for non-compliance. If the notice and the warning does not help, business with the supplier will in fact be terminated by the Accord signatory companies.

The Accord is signed by the companies or retailers like El Corte Ingles, Inditex, Mango, Benetton , Marks and Spencer, Fast Retailing and many others, as it covers 190 brands and 1,600 factories.


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