Take good care of your leatherwear

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We are living in a fashion conscious world. Often, some spend heavily on stylish and luxurious clothes, including leather wears. Leather wears are always in fashion. And, during the cold season, they keep you warm. However, they are quite expensive and require more care than other clothing. Hence, take good care of them and save money.

Since longer-lasting leather apparels mean saving money, with few things to do can help you hang onto them for years without making them wear out.

Invest in quality than quantity. It does not mean spending on over expensive big brands. Price is not the indicator of quality always. Pick the right skin with perfect finishing touches. Check for the snags to ensure that the product is well made. It should bend and mold with you.

Treat your leather clothing with gentle care and keep them clean. Maintain good hygiene yourself. Sweat causes bad odour and stains on your outer wear too. So have a shower, wear a good deodorant and use clean inner wears before putting on leather clothes.

Follow the cleaning instructions written on the tag on the neck or down the side seam of the cloth. Ignoring the instructions means you might end up ruining it. Get them dry cleaned or get them cleaned by an expert. You probably don’t need to get them dry cleaned after each wearing to increase their quality life.

After every use, dust the leather garments with a gentle brush and use a firm hanger to hang them straight and in shape. It is better to hang them than to fold. Use wooden hangers. Avoid using plastic or wire hangers. Fasten the zips and the buttons after hanging

Store your leather wears nicely in a closet that is cool and dry. Never store them in a closet kept in a humid or moist place like basement or bathroom. Don’t over pack the closet to avoid wrinkles and fading. Hang the clothes next to each other giving little space to breathe.

Don’t grab your favourite wear every time. Keep rotating all the stuff. The less you wear, the less they tear.

Cosmetics and hair styling material can stain or spoil the leather. Wear them after doing your hair and makeup.

Don’t use perfume on leather clothes. It may turn them yellow or make them fragile.

You may use a leather guard to protect apparels from water and rain. Before using, check if it is causing any damage by spraying little on underarms or back side of the collar.

You can apply leather conditioner to soften and protect leather from cracking over time.

Any clothing, be it leather made is bound to wear out with repeated use. You may follow the above tips to use them for many more years.

[Source:-The Statesman]