Story telling is crucial to luxury brand sales, says Khyati Sindhwani

Khyati Sindhwani

Luxury is about scarcity and exclusivity and not about being the most expensive always. This and more myths were demystified during a seminar on ‘Targeting the Luxury Consumers in India’ by Ms. Khyati Sindhwani. The seminar was conducted by WJA India on 15th July 2016. Khyati spoke extensively on what is luxury; luxury branding, how and how not to sell luxury products, India’s potential as a luxury brand market, types of luxury brand consumers, etc. During the seminar, Khyati also dwelled upon how to create a luxury brand. If one is keen to create a luxury brand in the country, first and foremost, there is need of in-depth market research, developing a striking brand concept, defining the core target group, making the brand identity visible, etc.

WJA India members with Nirupa Bhatt from GIA

One of the most important highlights was that the any brand that intends to be a luxury brand needs to master the art of storytelling. Khyati pointed out that instead of aping the western luxury brand, the home-grown brands should bank on the rich culture and heritage that the country has to offer. Also, the luxury brands need to use internet intelligently to tap the growing number shoppers online. Giving the example of Burberry Kisses campaign, wherein the brand wanted to reach out to the millennials in their brand using technology. The label created a microsite for the Burberry Kisses campaign that lets consumers send and view notes that have been sent. The campaign lets users capture a virtual kiss and send it on a personalised journey to a loved one anywhere in the world. With this campaign, Burberry is trying to convert its followers’ closest companions to brand enthusiasts. The seminar was attended by jewellery retailers, designers, students etc. Khyati has done her MSc in Luxury Management, International University of Monaco Business of Fashion, Istituto Marangoni, London.

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