SPOTTED — Jewellery designer Anna Ruth Henriques

Anna Ruth Henriques is no stranger to the pages of SO. There’s

always some good news to share, be it creating exquisite pieces for

Hollywood A-listers like Madonna and


Law & Order: SVU

’s Mariska Hargitay, or being featured in noted publications like



Bazaar, Elle, The Tokyo Journal, O

magazine and


. Our last feature in 2013 focused on her Future Brilliance — a

non-profit, female-led organisation dedicated to finding “innovative

educational models to offer quality professional training that leads to

jobs and creates new business opportunities” — Afghanistan project

design competition — where Henriques helped students in Jaipur, India,

develop their own jewellery collection for profit and sustainability.

This time around the talented painter, poet and author, who calls

both New York and Jamaica home, is eager to share news of the Anna Ruth

Henriques private launch on Wednesday, October 19, at the Jamaica

Pegasus Hotel. There’s more…

I want my wearers to feel… an emotional connection to

my work. I want them to sense its beauty, mystery and authenticity. My

jewellery tells stories that resonate with who we are as evolving

beings, elevated by aesthetics connected to nature, and being true to

one’s self and one’s path.

My collection comprises… the core collection currently

comprises 60 pieces. All are made in either 14K yellow gold accented

with diamonds or may be custom-ordered in white or rose gold. I also

make many one-of-a-kind pieces with coloured gemstones, some of which I

hand-paint. These stones include quartzes, topazes, opals, morganite,

tourmalines, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

[SOURCE:-Jamaica observer]