Shocking revelation: Malacca Hospital treats 3 children for sexual abuse every week

MALACCA: A Malacca Hospital gynaecologist has dropped a bombshell by coming forward to reveal that at least three children are treated for sexual abuse at the facility every week. Dr Maimunah Fadzil said the number usually rises during school holidays and festive periods, when children spend more time at home. In most cases, she said, children willingly fall into the trap. Dr Mainumah added that some of the children have even become “addicted” to being sexually abused. She attributed the shockingly high statistic to lack of close parental supervision, as well as an alarming trend in children taking part in immoral activities performed by the adults around them. Dr Maimunah also cited a lack of options in terms of healthy pastimes as another reason children stray and fall into the trap of paedophiles.

“Once they are left at home without close parental supervision, they gain access (or are exposed to, certain behaviours), and do not understand the gravity of such activities, especially surfing explicit web sites, before they become addicted,” said Dr Maimunah, who was among the speakers at the Paedophilia, Pornography and Cyber Crime seminar organised by Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM) here on Saturday. “Children will try to extend the knowledge they gather on their own into physical contact, either as doer or stimulator,” she said. Dr Maimunah observed that children under the age of 13 who are reclusive and have problems socialising with other people usually form the high-risk group involved with sexual abuse. She added that it becomes worse when parents do not report such cases to the authorities in order to maintain “domestic harmony.”

[Source:-New Straits Times]