Sabyasachi’s diamond jewellery is, well… kinda perfect

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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then diamonds by Sabyasachi are the kind of best friends who know what you’re thinking with just one look and will finish your sentences too. “Diamonds have always fascinated me because my first memory of jewellery was a beautiful diamond necklace that my mother owned,” says the designer on his debut diamond collection, Zanyah, in collaboration with Forevermark.


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Playing true to the Sabyasachi’s love of all things vintage, the collection features a delicate range of enamel dangling earrings and old-world rings in yellow, pink and white gold, dripping with sparkling diamonds. It’s been inspired by the art and fashion of the ’20s and, according to the designer, perfectly blends elements of the Indian and Italian renaissance. He says, “It’s a true marriage of the west and the east bringing together the design movement from two very important artistic periods to create an enchanted piece of jewellery that can be worn on special occasions and gifted to your loved ones.”

Take a look at Sabyasachi’s Forevermark diamond jewellery collection

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