ORRA launches ‘Invigorating Colours of Spring’ collection

Chirps fill the air and bounce in your steps, the wonderful season of spring is here! A time when nature comes alive, bursting forth with colour after the lull of the winter! Why not wear your heart on your sleeve when everything is so bright and beautiful? ORRA presents a beautiful range of spring collectables, perfect to suit a refreshed bright and chirpy you! Inspired by one of the most colourful birds, the peacock, the collection has been launched close on the heels of the festival of Holi.

Highlighting an array of colours that are brought forth through the majestic presence of the peacock, this finely crafted bridal set includes a necklace, earrings, mangtika and a bracelet. With textured 22kt gold beads carefully strung together, kundan setting, gemstones and meenakari, the collection in totality aim to captures the magic of nature in reference to the freshness of spring.


[SOURCE :-indianjeweller]