Organic apparels player Bhu:sattva eyes US, Canada

Organic and eco-friendly apparel label Bhu:sattva is planning to set up shop in the US and Canada and enter a range of accessories next year.

The US and Canada spend a lot on apparels. While America accounts for 26.69 per cent of the world market, the average Canadian household incurs an annual expenditure of $2,450 on clothing. Purchases in the two markets are also marked by an extensive awareness of social responsibility and the health benefits of organic clothing. “This makes the consumer base of the two countries perfect for Bhu:sattva products and the clothing label has already gained initial traction in these regions,” Jainam Kumarpal, Founder-Director, told BusinessLine.

Until now, the brand was focussing on the Middle East and South America markets, he said.

The upcoming organic apparel is not a category but the process for making healthy and eco-friendly apparel, he said, adding Bhu:sattva, unlike Fabindia and others, offered completely hand-made, customised and embroidered clothing and other similarly crafted material. “We are also going to launch accessories like footwear, jewellery, essential oil, neckpieces, scarves and handbags.”

Second largest exporter

The domestic textile and apparel industry is estimated to go up from $67 billion in 2014 to $141 billion in 2021. Increased penetration of organised retail, favourable demographics, and rising income levels are likely to drive demand for textiles. India is the world’s second largest exporter of textiles and clothing, he said.

Trendy Indians are increasingly seeking out eco-friendly fabrics, sustainable clothing, and organic apparel — clothes made from bamboo, hemp and eucalyptus fibre, infused with healing herbs, using vegetable colours and natural dyes and organic cotton, grown from non-genetically-modified. “We have witnessed a 60-65 per cent increase in demand since 2012,” he added.

[Source:-Business line]