OnlyOnAOL: Why Zendaya is so fearless about fashion

Some say the clothes make the woman (or man).

Zendaya argues otherwise.

The multi-talented performer has launched Daya by Zendaya, a collection that works with all genders, shapes and sizes. And that’s entirely by design. (Watch our interview with designer Rachel Roy above).

“Fashion is such a huge part of my life and my career. It’s about so much more than wearing clothes. It’s about confidence, for me and for people who see what I do. This felt like a natural fit,” says Zendaya.

She’s been working on the collection for about a year and wanted to focus on giving her fans what they wanted. That meant the clothes had to be affordable, while still being luxe. And fit is everything.

“I wanted sizing to embrace everyone. No one should feel left out. There’s quite a few gender-neutral pieces. It’s important because that’s what fashion is about. I’m about wearing what you want, whatever makes you feel good,” says Zendaya.

Daya By Zendaya Pop-up ShopDaya By Zendaya Pop-up ShopDaya By Zendaya Pop-up ShopShe’s outspoken about confidence and body image. “Clothes only enhance what you already have. Whether it be a sweatsuit or a ballgown at the Met Ball, it’s a different emotion,” she says. “To me, it was important in general for everyone to feel included. I can’t talk the talk about loving yourself and not act on that.”

As for haters: Whatever. They don’t get to Zendaya.

“The bottom line is, I continued to do what I wanted to do, no matter what people said. I dress however I want. That is helpful for a lot of people. It’s good to see someone being fearless and wearing what they want,” she says.

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