Obesity is a Sign of Unhealthy Lifestyle, Says Bharti Singh

Obesity is a Sign of Unhealthy Lifestyle, Says Bharti Singh

Mumbai: Popular stand-up comedian Bharti Singh believes that people should learn how to laugh at themselves, and not feel bad about jokes.

“When I entered the contest of comedy show, I realised people are going to make fun of my appearance for obvious reasons. So, before they started doing that, I started cracking jokes on myself. We should learn how to laugh at ourselves. And remember, a joke is a joke, nothing to take to heart and feel bad about it,” Bharti told IANS.

“If you cannot take a joke on yourself, you shouldn’t make fun of others. Many times people called me an elephant. Did I become one? I am still a human being, right? What’s the big deal?,” added the comedian, who often cracks jokes on her heavy weight.

And now, she is excited to front campaigns of a beauty product.

On the recent TVC launch of Joy honey and almond body lotion here, Bharti said: “I never even thought in my wildest dreams to become a brand ambassador of a beauty product.”

“One has to have a model like figure and an appearance for that. I am yet to believe that Joy – Beauty by nature has singed me. I respect their conviction and thank them for choosing me.”

The TVC emphasises on redefining beauty. Talking about the changing approach, she said: “It is good to notice how the society is changing. Features and body structure of people change in every region of our country. People of south look different from those in the north. I am a Punjabi; I was born with a plus-size body. Why should I change that?”

But there is a difference between plus-size and an obese person, and the comedian does not encourage the latter.

“Obesity is a sign of unhealthy lifestyle and food habit. If you put on weight by eating fast food, that means you are following a bad diet that will not only lead you to obesity but other health issues too. I strongly discourage that.”

Since body shamming on social media and other platforms has become a regular affair, Bharti believes that “girls should carry themselves with confidence and celebrate their own body instead of feeling ashamed of their imperfections. If you are self-confident no one would get a chance to say anything wrong”.

[Source:-News 18]