Nothing can stop her: Model Melanie Gaydos is breaking all fashion stereotypes

Melanie Gaydos

Very few have the courage to challenge societal norms and model Melanie Gaydos is one of them. Born with ectodermal dysplasia, a condition that makes her teeth, nails, pores and bones grow abnormally, Gaydon also has alopecia, and is partially blind too. But all of that did not stop the model from foraying into the world of fashion and making it on her own.

Gaydos, an art graduate based in New York City, has worked with several photographers, including Spanish photog Eugenio Recuenco, and counts singer Miley Cyrus as one of her fans. She has also appeared in a video by Recuenco for metal band Rammstein.

Gaydos’s first tryst with modelling happened during her college days, when she responded to an online advert looking for ‘unique people’ for fashion photographers to shoot. And even though she does get a little hate, she never lets trollers pull her down.