Mistakes in Rummy Gaming That You May Live to Regret

It does not matter whether you play rummy online or offline, silly mistakes must always be avoided. One silly mistake can cost you many points and may even lead to your loss. A wise player always avoids making silly mistakes. Here are some silly mistakes that you may live to regret if you make them:

Stocking High Point Cards

If you are still in the process of learning rummy card game, there are high chances that you make this mistake while playing. The goal of each rummy player is to complete the required number of sets and sequences. In an attempt to make a sequence of high point cards or a meld of high point cards, you may stock these cards. This is a very foolish move as you may end up losing many points in the course. A good player always gets rid of high point cards unless they are part of a sequence or a set.

Delaying the Natural Sequence

In a 13 cards rummy game, a life is formed by a combination of a pure sequence and a real sequence. In other variations too, a pure sequence is definitely required to complete life. That is why if you delay your natural or pure sequence, there are high chances of you losing the game. A good player will always pay attention to completing the natural sequence first. Once that is complete, he will head to the next sequence to be made. There is no use delaying the natural sequence.

Disposing Pulled-out Jokers

This is a mistake most absent-minded people make when they play rummy. They forget that the particular card is also a joker and dispose it accidentally. A good player will arrange his cards in a manner that will make it easy to spot the jokers to one end of the hand and waste cards to the other end of the hand. This will prevent such accidents from happening.

Not Reducing Points in your Hand

True that the goal of rummy card game is to complete the desired number of sequences or sets. Yet, in many variations, the points in your hand will also count as important. For example, if you are playing 3 deals rummy, the points in the end of 3 deals decides your fate in the game. If you have more points in the hand, you will lose the game. That is why it is a good practice to reduce the points in your hand. You can do this by replace high point waste cards with cards of lower points.

If you have any extra picture cards, you must get rid of them. All picture cards value 10 points each and holding onto them can be quite risky. They naturally increase the overall points in the hand.

Disposing Cards That Help Opponent’s Hand

A player is allowed to pick cards from the deck or from the disposed pile. This is the reason why you need to be careful about the cards you dispose. You must not throw cards that may prove useful to the opponent. You can assess the cards in the opponent’s hands by observing the cards he picks from the disposed pile. For example, if he picks a 4 of spades, you can assume that he is either making a sequence that includes the 4 of spades or is making a meld. Understanding these facts will prevent you from disposing any adjacent cards as there are high chances that your opponent may need them and pick them.

Not Dropping the Hand on Time

In a game of rummy, the players are allowed to quit at the beginning of the game or half way through the game. The rules for each are different. The points you pay at the beginning are ¼ of the total points for a full hand which may equate to 80 or 100 depending on the game variation.

Once he starts playing the hand, if he feels that the chances of winning are few he may quit. The points charged in this case are double that charged during the first drop. People need to decide at the right time whether they should drop their hand or not. This prevents them from losing a full hand and excess points. Not quitting at the right time is a big mistake that most beginners and overconfident players make.