Matin Spinning opens new unit to produce melange yarn

Abdul Wahed, chairman of DBL Group, and MA Jabbar, managing director, attend the inauguration of the new melange yarn producing unit of Matin Spinning, a concern of DBL, at Kashimpur in Gazipur.

With the recent boom in value-added fabrics in Bangladesh’s textile and garments industry, DBL Group has moved to production of melange yarn to meet the company’s growing demands.

In view of this, Matin Spinning Mills, owned by the Group, has launched a new production unit at Kashimpur in Gazipur for this particular type of yarn. It has a production capacity of 10 tonnes a day, while its total production capacity of the factory is currently 35 tonnes a day, the group has informed.

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DBL Group Chairman Abdul Wahed; managing director MA Jabbar; company directors MA Rahim, MA Quader, and Mohammed Hassan Imam were among the high-levels company authorities present at the event.

For the purpose of setting up the plant, the company has raised Tk 126 crore through an initial public offering from the premier bourse to set up the plant. Machinery for the new unit was imported from Trutzschler in Germany, Rieter in Switzerland, Toyota and Murata of Japan and Marzoli of Italy.


[SOURCE :-apparelresources]