Marriott hotel pushes US manufacturers to set up units in country


After decades of off-shoring apparel, accessories and home furnishing manufacturing, some US companies have started making and selling products made in factories in the US.

And this stance will certainly get a much-needed boost from hotels like the Marriott International, which has recently announced it will, for the first time in the US hospitality industry, provide “Made in USA” towels and bath mats in its guest bathrooms in around 3,000 hotels across the US.

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This move will certainly give a boost to the apparel and home furnishing industry in the US, generating more jobs within the country. The apparel and accessory manufacturing sector has been ignored for a while now given that most retail and buying companies find it more cost effective to outsource their manufacturing.

Marriott’s stance would particularly benefit the US manufacturing communities in Thomaston, Georgia, and Union, Soth Carolina, where manufacturing company Standard Textile produces them with 100 per cent cotton fibre, grown right in the US. This is expected to create 150 jobs at the company’s Thomaston and Union facilities, besides the company’s Cincinnati headquarters and through its supply chain.

“As a global company, based in the US, we’re proud to be the first hospitality company to commit to providing our guests with ‘Made in USA’ bathroom towels in our US hotels,” said Marriott President and CEO Arne Sorenson.

“We believe our guests will appreciate knowing that even simple items they use everyday in our hotels represent progress for the US economy,” said Marriott Executive Chairman Bill Marriott. “We also hope this sends a message to other businesses that buying locally can make business sense.”

This step is expected to lead to an annual production of 2.6 million bath towels and 4.9 million hand towels, which equals to around 5.6 million pounds of textiles.


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