A Man’s Guide on Upgrading His Shoe Collection

A Man’s Guide to Upgrading His Shoe Collection

When it comes to shoe shopping, there seems to be a clear divide between the genders. Although there are a handful of men out there who worship the latest footwear releases as much as women do, the shoe fandom is mainly associated with the female population. As the previous Fashion Institute of Technology shoe exhibition curator Dr. Valerie Steele says, “Shoes have an autonomous quality, which explain why our obsession with shoes seems to have reached new heights. For the typical guy, shoes may not hold as much importance as they would for a girl, but if he knew what brands there are in the market, other than Skechers and Adidas, he would understand and appreciate the need to upgrade his collection. Lyst explains that a man can easily smarten up his act with super slick brogue, Oxfords and Derbies, or suede desert boots, classic loafers and reworked Chelsea boots.”

However, unlike the ladies, a man probably won’t be willing to shell out more than US $ 100 on footwear, as he’s likely to be more concerned about affordability and versatility. Thankfully, there are a number of options that are suited for this budget. GQ advises a reader in the FAQ section that the easy way to up his shoe game is by opting for a leather-inspired sneaker for daily wear, a classic lace-up for fancy dinner dates, and a nice pair of boat shoes for the weekend.

All of these styles can be found in a variety of price ranges, which works well for both the big spender and the budget shopper. In terms of practicality for the dress shoe, anything in brown would be ideal as it matches with a variety of suit colours as well as jeans. The black dress shoe is still essential in a man’s shoe collection, but brown generally works better with most outfits. Affordable Oxfords can be found at a variety of brands, ranging from US $ 50 (Stafford) to US $ 90+ (Steve Madden). For weekend wear, top loafer/boat shoe labels Lacoste and Sperry Top-Sider often feature footwear under US $ 100 made from leather, canvas and suede to add a little more style to your wardrobe. And for the day-to-day shoe, retro sneaker varieties can be found at leading sneaker brands like Converse, Nike, Reebok and New Balance, all for the price of less than US $ 100.

For those who are willing to experiment with new styles, it’s worth that they watch out for upcoming shoe trends for men. With Men’s Fall 2016 Fashion Week upon us, retailers are sharing their forecast on styles to watch out for. Footwear News shares that designers will draw back from the typical sneaker and focus on more dressy or creative walkers. Men’s Fashion Director of Bergdorf Goodman Bruce Pask says that dress shoes are a mainstay for men’s footwear, while other experts predict greater experimentation with sneakers with less embellishments and flashy features to appeal to a greater audience.

Shopping may not be as enjoyable for guys as it is for the gals, but men’s boutiques are constantly innovating ways to renew their interest in fashion and though men are creatures of habit, they’ll have a deeper appreciation for footwear once they abandon their comfort zone.

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