This Male “Plus-Size” Model Is Changing the Fashion World

There has been plenty of buzz in the fashion industry around curvier female models like Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday, who have helped reshape standards in the modeling industry. Until now, much of the focus had been centered mostly oninclusiveness in women’s sizing, but it looks like things are beginning to change for men, too.

Zach Miko, the “plus-size” male model who first caught the industry’s attention modeling on Target’s website, was just signed by IMG to its brand-new Brawn division. At six feet, six inches tall, with a 40-inch waist, he is able to offer men a better idea ofwhat the clothing will actually look like on many of their bodies.

Zach shared with Chubstr, an online site for men of many sizes, that he believes the fashion industry needs to embrace more body types. “I can only hope that other companies will take the lead of companies like Target and finally show real people, with real bodies, looking as beautiful as they are, in clothes that look great on them,” he said. It looks like the fashion world just might be listening.

Read on to see a few of Zach’s looks from his Target shoot to see his modeling skills in action.


[SOURCE :-popsugar]