Lifestyle window and sunroof manufacturer celebrates bringing business to Peterborough

Lifestyle co-owner Keith Carroll

It’s about four years late, but Keith Carroll says it’s about time to host a grand opening ceremony to officially launch Lifestyle in Peterborough.

Friday’s (Aug. 25) event had employees and local politicians sharing burgers and touring the manufacturing plant to the public.

Lifestyle produces sunroofs, windows, and metal roofing, and co-owner Carroll says he’s glad he and his brother made the decision to move to Peterborough.

“The city is really good to deal with and we found a really good labour pool,” says Carroll.

Lifestyle was originally located in the Durham region, where the facility took up three buildings. Carroll and his brother made the decision four years ago to move everything to Peterborough.

That included some employees, which take up 25 per cent of his workforce. The other 75 per cent is made up of people from the Peterborough area.

Carroll notes depending on the time of year, Lifestyle employs between 150 and 200 people.

The reason why the grand opening came so late, Carroll says, is because the first two years after the move were spent transitioning. It was only last year that things became stable, and in 2017 they figured it was about time to get around to it.

“It’s tough when you move a big business like this,” he adds.

Darlene Porter purchases materials for Lifestyle and she originally worked at the previous location.

Both her husband and son also work for the company. “It’s a family affair,” she says.

She says Peterborough is a great place because of the short commute, and her bosses react well to having her family work with her.

Porter also doesn’t mind the late opening, saying it came at the right time.

“It’s been a while, but we wanted to make sure everything was nice and smooth,” she says.

Kyle Girard is a lead painter for the company and he’s been working there since the transition to Peterborough.

He says he heard Lifestyle was a big company from Toronto so he decided to come and work for them.

“It’s great — it’s hot, but it’s great,” he notes. “It’s a good place to work and hopefully we get busier with this grand opening.”