Kriti Sanon’s beautiful look will make no sense if you try to describe it

Kriti Sanon just showed that if she wants to wear saree, fringed pants, wrap skirt at one time, she will wear saree, fringed pants, wrap skirt at one time. (IANS)

It’s a saree! It’s a tassled palazzo! It’s a wrap skirt. It’s… all of the above? Yes.

Actor Kriti Sanon attended Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Awards in New Delhi on Saturday in a saree/fringed pants/wrap skirt outfit by designers Shivan and Narresh, and it’s pretty much the coolest thing we’ve seen in a long time.

Kriti’s lush cherry red look is comprised of five parts. If you tilt your head and squint your eyes just right, you’ll spy a bustier, a saree, a wrap skirt, a one-legged fringed pant, and another wrap-front sarong-style — all in one. Together, the pieces make the unexpected ‘saree’ look equivalent of an entire capsule collection.

It’s one of those designs that would make zero sense if someone described it to you — this one’s firmly in ‘got to see it to believe it’ territory. It’s also quite a departure from Kriti’s usual off-duty looks, where she favours a simple skirt or the latest in casuals.

Kriti’s Seychelles-inspired look from the designer’s autumn winter 2018 line was fun and polished at the same time. Her tailored birds and flower print ‘saree’ featuring tassled pleats felt brand-new and interesting. It may not strike you as the most practical look, but pairing a saree-style drape over flared pants makes for an interesting play on volume.

In addition to her height, Kriti is known for her athletic physique and this ensemble definitely shows off her broad shoulders and killer collarbones to a T. The actor toned the look down a bit, however, by pairing the piece with traditional earrings from Aquamarine Jewellery and chic black heels. She totally made it work, and we hope to have the courage to try out something similar.

Now, the only problem is we still don’t know what to call this. Somehow, the ‘fringedpantsaree’ doesn’t quite do this look justice.