Jewellery shopping: This Valentine’s Day, pamper yourself with Irasva’s special gold and diamond edit

Don’t wait for your bae to shower you with gifts this Valentines’. Instead, celebrate by spoiling yourself with the special edit of gold and diamond pieces created by Irasva. Empower yourself and focus on the ethos of self-love and appreciation with this sleek and elegant range of jewellery. Mumbai-based designer jewellery brand Irasva this time has focussed on self-gifting as an important aspect in an individual’s life. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, they have the perfect pieces to gift your loved ones or buy a piece to treat yourself as well.

Angel pendant by Irasva

Their collection consists of solitaires that celebrate the little victories which often go unnoticed. The detailed and timeless designs make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and capture the joy of overcoming the quotidian endeavours that truly make our everyday exceptional. Whether with linear lines or intricate weaves, your passion for minimalism finds expression through Irasva’s myriad of diamond and gold collections.

Happiness diamond pendant by Irasva

The gift collection also focuses on elevating an everyday moment to an extraordinary one, characterised by attractive motifs of various emoji’s, love, heart, hashtags and spirit animals to name a few. The brand helps create a personalised and timeless memory with each jewellery design that enables you to truly express yourself.