How the Internet and Technology are Changing Fashion

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In 2002, the first camera phones became available. Most of them offered low-resolution, grainy images that served – at best – as ways to capture something exciting when you didn’t have a real camera on you. As time went by and technology incrementally improved, we gradually grew more and more accustomed to having high-quality devices in our pockets which could take stunning photographs of anything exciting happening around us.

This gradual – and, relatively, very quick – change has been no more apparent anywhere else than in the fashion industry. Just seven or eight years ago, seeing someone hold their phone up to their face while sitting at the front row of a fashion show could be taken as an indicator of how bored they were.

Now, though, it’s probably the case that they’re trying to store the moment happening in front of them so that it can be shared with their followers; and whether they’re new to platforms like Instagram (in which case, they’ll probably want to buy instagram views) or seasoned social-media veterans, everyone is in the industry is doing it.

The Brick and Mortar World

According to the Wired article titled “The Internet Evolution’s Impact on Retail Spaces”, the proliferation of speciality fashion retailers which were born from this boom was quite unexpected. Industry pundits assumed, quite naturally, that the near-infinite variety of fashion content available at the touch of a button would make physical stores more drab and much less relevant.

On the contrary, the change in the ecosystem has actually been met with an active pursuit of intelligent marketing techniques and forward-thinking strategies in approaching brand identities. Now it’s not hard to find examples of this everywhere – companies around the world are carving out their own mini-niches in how they present their goods online using a combination of original photography techniques and by rapidly producing content that their followers will eat up.

Living in the Future

Likewise, the continual evolution of affordable high-tech gadgets means that we can look forward to innovations in how we shop for clothes in the future. Entrepreneur discussed this in an article not too long ago, where they speculated on how these continual innovations may affect us.

One prospective trend in technology would see us using a combination of purpose-built, consumer-ready 3d body scanners to try on goods in virtual fitting rooms. Likewise, digital fashion assistants could quickly become the norm, with algorithms being used to suggest appropriate purchases to match our digital calendars and our tastes.

Wearable technology is already the norm, and Apple recently made a smart decision by launching their own watch with an impressively wide variety of fashionable straps. Not only are these devices incredibly useful, but they also allow their owners to continually personalise them, either with physical accessories or using digital widgets.

The horizon of technological innovation is vast, and we are always at the first stage of new and exciting developments within it. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for how we dress and present ourselves, and we hope that – after reading this article – you can’t either. Remember to keep checking back for more great posts like this!