Importance of a Pure Sequence in Rummy Online

Anyone who plays cards frequently knows that the greatest challenge of playing a rummy game is creating the pure sequence. This is because without a pure sequence, life will never be formed. A pure sequence cannot be made using jokers and needs to be completely natural. The rules that govern making a pure sequence make it challenging to make it and to win the game.

Here is all you would need to know about pure sequence and its role in winning rummy online or offline:

  1. Pure Sequence with Number Cards

There are many different ways in which a pure sequence can be formed. The first is by using number cards. In Indian rummy, all the cards in the deck are distributed. The cards from 2 to 10 are regarded as number cards. These cards can be used to form pure sequence. You need to use number cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order to form a pure sequence. For instance, if you arrange 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the same sign, like hearts, it forms a pure sequence.

  1. Pure Sequence with Face Cards

Pure sequence can also be created by arranging face cards in ascending or descending order. The face cards in rummy are A, K, Q and J. You can form three cards sequences like A, K and Q or K, Q and J. You need to make sure the cards arranged in the sequence are all of the same sign. If you are making a sequence using spades cards, all cards used should have spades sign. Mixed sequences are not acceptable in Indian rummy as a rule.

  1. Pulled Out Joker in Pure Sequence

As already stated earlier, there are two types of jokers in a rummy game offline and online, the ones already in the deck and the ones that are pulled out to play the role of the joker. The pulled-out joker could be any card from the deck. Suppose you have 2 spades as the pulled-out joker, you can use it in a sequence 2,3,4,5 of spades. This means a pulled-out joker can play its value in a pure sequence.

Why is Pure Sequence referred to a Life 1?                                          

In a rummy patti game, a pure sequence is a must. A person cannot win rummy game if he has not formed the pure sequence. That is why this sequence is regarded as life one and is of great importance in any rummy variation. When you play a 13 cards rummy game, this is called life 1 but when you are playing 10 cards game, this is called life as you need to make just 1 sequence there.

Some Tips to Arrive at Pure Sequence Sooner

Since pure sequence is so important in an Indian rummy game, you cannot wait till you find the perfect card to fit into the gap and form the pure sequence. Here are some simple tips to quickly arrive at the process of making a pure sequence:

  • Make two card pairs of different signs so that any card among these can help to form the first pure sequence
  • Keep the focus on making pure sequence before making sets
  • Dispose jokers if they pose a hurdle and prevent you from making a pure sequence

These tips will help you win the game. Practice the game more often on Khelplay Rummy website or app to get better at playing cards.