HTC Desire 10 lifestyle review: For those who accord priority to looks

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HTC has been trying hard to find a niche for itself in the ever-changing world of smartphones. Since its USP of being a design driven, high-end luxury smartphone maker no long cuts ice with buyers, it has been looking at going full bouquet for some time. It had some success with models such as the HTC Desire 816, but it has been relatively silent for a few quarters since. Now, the company is pushing more phones into the Indian market, among them the mid-range HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle.

HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, as the name suggests, wants to cash in on those who give high priority to style. So it has a bit of bling with an ivory body and a gold frame running around it—yes, the colour scheme you saw on Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi’s bathrooms. It also has a grooved power button with volume rockers right above. But I am sure the overall look of the phone will appeal to some.

What is good?
What impressed me most about this phone was its 13 MP rear camera. I have always liked HTC cameras and this is no different. The camera is really fast and comes out with some very good photos, especially when the lighting is good. Even in low light it manages to retain the subtleties required and not just make it bright.
HTC has always done well with its Boom Sound. So even on this phone, the audio quality is very good and ideal for those who consume a lot of video or don’t like using earphones all the time, especially when they are on flights where other passengers are trying catch a wink.

The overall performance of the phone is decent and you will not encounter any issues with regular use. The phone does not heat up and this means the battery also lasts an entire day without you having to recharge. HTC phones have one of the cleanest UIs which is very easy to understand and navigate. The Blinkfeed is an added feature that you will end up using more and more.

What is not that good?
The 720p display might seem a bit underwhelming these days when Full HD is slowly becoming the standard. It really doesn’t affect your experience, but you may end up asking yourself if you could have got more.
The graphics performance can be a put-off for hardcore gamers and I will not suggest this phone for them. This is for the email, video, movies type of user. The benchmark scores are not all that impressive though and puts this phone at par with mid-range devices from last year.

Should you buy?
Yes, if you like the design and style of this phone and would rather be seen with an HTC than a slightly more powerful phone from a lesser known brand that can cost you the same. This phone has no major negatives except for the fact that it might be a bit overpriced for what it is offering. But then, that has been HTC all along.

[Source:-The Financial Express]