H&M releases World Recycle Week Campaign music video


‘World Recycle Week’, one of the most extensive environmental projects that H&M has undertaken, is all set to begin from April 18-24.

To raise awareness about environmental issues, the brand recently released a teaser of its Campaign Video‘Rewear it’, featuring London-based artiste MIA. The video inspires customers to recycle their old or unwanted clothes.

According to an official statement by the brand, “H&M has worked closely with choreographer Aaron Sillis to interpret MIA’s music and lyrics into dance moves for the campaign’s video. The long-term goal is to have zero garments going into landfills, as well as saving the natural resources.

“All textiles are welcome, including odd socks, old towels, or the dress with a hole as nothing is too torn, worn, or used for a second life. By recycling just one T-shirt, 555 gallons of water can be saved; imagine the impact of 1,000 tons of garments collected during World Recycle Week,” the statement read.

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The full version of the video will be made available on H&M’s website only on April 11.

MIA, out of her unbridled passion for environment, collaborated with H&M for this noble initiative that aims to collect about 1,000 tonnes of unwanted or worn-out garments from customers worldwide.

“World Recycle Week is about embracing important environmental issues such as the landfills, and highlighting a global movement,” says MIA.

The video comprises a range of music artistes, dance artistes, comedians and people with a passion for environmental and social sustainability issues, all with a strong personal style and attitude.

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