H&M releases Sustainability Report 2015


Swedish clothing retailer H&M has released its Conscious Actions Sustainability Report 2015, citing its key initiatives that it claims and also expects would make a difference in the way the fashion industry runs.

From providing sustainably sourced materials for making clothing for its ethically conscious customers to choosing and rewarding responsible supplier partners, from implementing environment-friendly methods of manufacturing and chemicals to promoting 100 per cent recyclability of garments, from labour rights to safe working environments, H&M’s Sustainability Report has touched upon all aspects of making the fashion and textile business more sustainable.

It has cited its initiatives taken up in India, Bangladesh, China and Cambodia, among other countries, from where it sources its garments, and expressed its desire to build a future based on 100 per cent circular fashion.

“We have set the vision of becoming 100 per cent circular. In close dialogue with experts and stakeholders we will set time-bound milestones to reach this goal. This will take us closer to our goal; to lead the change towards fully circular and sustainable fashion,” says Anna Gedda, Head of Sustainability at H&M. “We want to use our size and scale to lead the change towards fully circular and truly sustainable fashion,” she added.

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[SOURCE :-apparelresources]