H&M releases collaboration with high fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu

H&M store inside Gateway Mall

Every year, the affordable fashion retailer H&M pairs with a significantly in vogue high fashion designer to release a special collection. In these collaborations, designers create products that would normally be priced in the thousands, while H&M makes the items available for no more than a couple hundred dollars. H&M released the annual designer collaboration with ERDEM, a London-based brand, on Nov. 2.

According to the brand’s creative director and founder, Erdem Moralioglu, the collection takes inspiration from English pastoral design signatures, a floral motif that has become part of ERDEM’s identity in its runway shows and Moraligolu’s own artistic nostalgia.

“The collection reinterprets some of the codes that have defined my work over the past decade, and it’s also inspired by film, music … things I loved growing up,” Moralioglu said on the collection’s page on the H&M website.

To Moralioglu, the clothes in the collection echo these inspirations. From the sharply tailored suits that remind him of those his father wore, to the dramatic dresses which reflect his love of cinema, the entire collection is an autobiographical exploration of the designer’s interests and brand.

These yearly collaborations tend to create a buzz in the fashion world, and often attract coverage from magazines like Vogue, GQ and Glamour. It has become common for these collections to sell out on the day of its release. Some of the most successful collections, like those of designer brands, Balmain and Alexander Wang, spawned Black Friday-like crowds that charged into stores across the globe.

This collection has all the elements of another successful release; an advertorial film by Baz Luhrmann, a chic but simplified design — evident by the conservative silhouettes paired with high fashion elements like embroidered flowers — and pre-release coverage in various fashion magazines.

The collection dropped in 220 stores worldwide, but there’s one problem for anyone living in the Lincoln area: the closest store the collection dropped in is Chicago. Although there is an H&M in Lincoln and two other stores nearby in Gretna and Omaha, none of these locations have the collaboration’s clothing.

According to Emily Scarlett, a PR agent for H&M, some collections are sold in almost all stores across the country, as is the case for style icon collaborations like those of David Beckham and The Weeknd. However, she said each collection is different, and the stores where certain collections are held change on a regular basis.

“No two collaborations are ever the same, which is why we look at the store list every year and make decisions on where to sell it that are based on a variety of different factors,” Scarlett said.

As for the designer collaborations, she also said while the collections are only sold in select stores, a more widespread release would be possible for the future.

“The [designer] collaboration is meant to be exclusive which is why they are not sold in every store,” Scarlett said. “In the future if we have another designer collaboration it could be in more stores as we always want to surprise and excite our customers with our campaigns and collections.”