Here’s Why Millennial Women Are Investing in Jewellery GUEST AUTHOR0FE

A working woman defines the very ethos of our modern society. They take charge of their hard-earned money and live life unapologetically. No wonder they aren’t hesitant to invest in their first love- jewellery. Women have always had a soft corner for jewellery, be it gold, diamonds or platinum. As an observant male colleague, I have had the pleasure of working with some sincere and beautiful personalities, and it is quite evident that jewellery holds a special place in a lady’s heart. Purchasing gorgeous pieces not just satiates their style appetite but also serves as agreat investment option for the millennial women.

Women today want to buy minimal and dainty pieces that work well with their business suits and traditional attire . It could be hard to believe, but bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to contemporary jewellery. Lately, more subdued jewellery of a smaller scale has been favoured by celebrities and fashionistas alike. Daintier pieces are not only easier to wear, but also are versatile and go with most outfits. Withtiny studs or a wafer-thin necklace , there’s no need to worry about sagging earlobes or an aching neck caused by larger chunky pieces. Moreover, one is never short of options with online stores. For instance,CaratLane offers some breath-taking gold earrings designs, diamond bracelets and platinum rings.

The presence of many online jewellery sites not only offer a good range of sleek and modern designs but they also have many attractive discounts that make shopping on these sites irresistible. Some of the popular jewellery pieces that the millennial women are investing in are.

Mismatched Earrings: Mismatched earrings are the latest craze to hit the fashion scene. The likes of Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Ashanti, Alicia Keys, and Brooke Jasmyn have made this style very popular, and hence we find many women investing in this trend today.

Photo Credit: CaratLane, featuring Hoop and Hoop Mismatch earrings.

Nail Ring: Several fashionistas are flaunting quirky rings on their nail bed instead of fingers. While bejewelled ones with faux diamantes, coloured stones, and small pearls can make a statement, but those in solid gold are the hot favourites.

Photo Credit: CaratLane, featuring Grid nail ring, nail charms by Farah khan.

Bracelet: There is really no limit to how often bracelets can be worn. Just like watches, bracelets can be worn every day including alongside wristwatches. There is a wide range of metals from which these bracelets are crafted ranging from platinum, gold, silver, etc. A bracelet is a multi-purpose fashion accessory that has the capability to add colour and flavour to its owner’s outfit and appearance.

Photo Credit: CaratLane, Cliona Hammered Bracelet.

Nose Ring: A bejewelled nose can turn quite a few heads. It was once considered as ’90s grunge revival, but the nose ring today has become less of a punk or goth statement and more of a fashion accessory these days. Polished and sophisticated, the nose rings have been sported by many international models including Lady Gaga.

Photo credit: CaratLane, featuring Starry Nose Pin.

A couple of final notes: In all things, jewellery, nothing is a taboo. You can match everything or match nothing. A trend that is very current is to mix and match various colours of gold —like gold, white, and rose. Just be careful not to overdo it, do not wear too many statement pieces on top of each other: a cuff bracelet or a cocktail ring, not both together.

A few key points one must keep in mind before investing in jewellery are:

1. Try EMI: Most people feel that investing in gold requires a huge capital. That is absolutely untrue. You can now invest in gold for as little as Rs.1000 a month. E-retailers not only have great offers they also have easy payment schemes that let you buy now and pay later.

2. Look for authentication certificates: Many standalone stores and jewellery sites can lure buyers with good schemes. But only the genuine dealers can provide gold purity certificates.

3. Buy jewellery only from reputable brands: Many jewellery shops and online stores have mushroomed, but it is always good to go with reputed brands because of their excellent track- record.

By investing in jewellery, you not only get to express your personal style, but also make a purchase that will only grow in value as times goes by. So, consider your jewellery as a beautiful way to tell your story to the world.

[Source:-Business Insider]