Happy b’day Ranveer Singh: 5 times the actor broke the internet with his fashion picks

Ranveer Singh

Actor Ranveer Singh, apart from his acting chops, is popular for making uncanny style statements. Right from the time he dressed up as the Mad-Hatter to the time his look went viral on social media for looking like a condom, Ranveer surely knows how to grab all the attention. And he doesn’t have to do anything, his outfits speak out loud.

On his 32nd birthday today, we take a look at five of the chic-yet-farcical fashion picks that he flaunted with elan.

The mad-hatter look

Ranveer Singh‘s look here resembles the Alice In Wonderland character Mad Hatter. Don’t miss the t-shirt! (Yogen Shah)

Ranveer outdid himself with this one. The hat, the sleepers… and that T-shirt of course! It clearly spells out what he thinks about the comments people make about his sartorial choices. This one was clicked at an event where he was honoured for being the Best Dressed Man of the year. No two thoughts about why he won the title.

The Super-Mario look

Here, he’s dressed as the gaming character Super Mario.

An electric red Super Mario tracksuit teamed with those blue shades — Ranveer surely knows how to up the ante when it comes to making public appearances. His quirkiness, of course was appreciated by fans and the fashion police alike. This man can literally pull off any look, even as a gaming character.

The condom/ sperm look

This look had his fans go into a frenzy, and memes about it said that Ranveer’s look resembled a condom.

This look was certainly a head-turner. Social media was flooded with memes and comments. People were saying that he looked like a sperm and even a condom. What tops everything is that he attended actor Shahid Kapoor’s birthday party in February wearing this outfit. A birthday party, yes! And you thought you had a good fashion sense.

The boombox-tux-skirt look

Ranveer used a boom-box to compliment his look.

Ranveer has a special place in his heart to do what no one else can. And here, he paired the traditional tuxedo with a long skirt. That boom box, which he preferred to use as a fashion accessory worked wonders for him, and ensured he had all the attention focused on him.

The hip-hop look

Focus all your attention on those pink shoes. And the physique.

The beard and the beefed up physique suggest that this is Ranveer’s latest look for filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period drama titled Padmavati. But what is that ‘hip-hop’ in Hindi all about? The pink shoes compliment his zany attitude. We surely felt the hip-hop vibe with this one!