Happiness you can touch @ Kehad FA

If you and your family have ever imagined living in an environment far beyond happiness, Kehad FA will not disappoint.

Give yourself and your family a special gift that will bring a lifetime of security, warm moments and precious memories.

Kehad FA, a luxurious villa project, will fulfill all your needs.

Your lifetime of happiness begins the moment you step through the door of your Kehad FA home. With panoramic views and a conveniently located private beach, this spacious haven of tranquility features all the facilities needed to accommodate your leisure lifestyle: relaxing with family, enjoying a party with friends, celebrating a life success in or hosting a romantic seaside wedding anniversary celebration–it’s all yours for the making here at one of Thailand’s most exclusive and luxurious beach house projects.

A private butler is on-call 24 hours a day at Kehad FA to attend food and beverage orders, provide music and enhance our event services for a truly superior seaside living experience.

From the moment you awaken to the first rays of the sun, relaxation is readily at hand–a saltwater pool lies just steps from your bedroom door, while refreshing sea breezes abound at the nearby beach.

The luxury seaside villas sit on spacious lots of up to 240 square wah and feature 1,800 square meters of living space comprising 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and three-car garage, making each unit perfectly suited for a luxurious lifestyle.

With its spacious and versatile rooms, your Kehad FA residence is an activity-ready space where generations can come together for a quality-time family affair, like watching movies in the living room, karaoke in the basement or simply relaxing on the roof and taking in the stunning sea view that seems to stretch clear to the horizon.

So if you’re looking for a luxury residence that delivers supreme contentment beyond happiness from sunrise to sunset, here’s your once- in-a-lifetime opportunity to reward your success and make your home at Kehad FA .

[Source:-Bangcock Posst]