‘Go-for-it’ style defines this fashion designer


Sassy and classy fashion designer rocks her “go-for-it” style 

Name: E’Lesha Toomer

Age: 31

Hometown: Louisville

Education: Child Development Associate (CDA) 

Career: GiM Collection / SHUGG Cancer Foundation and ACE Project / Bluegrass Childcare Development Center 

Describe your style in three words: Classy, timeless and fun.

Style icons: I love fashion designer Stephane Rolland, Stylist J. Bolin and Ty Hunter. I also love the style of public figures like Gwen Stefani, Taraji P Henson and Jennifer Lopez.

Signature accessories: Earrings! If I am not wearing earrings my whole day is off. I also like to wear a herringbone necklace that belonged to my mother. It’s part of my everyday jewelry that I wear when I’m not accessorizing for a nice outfit.

What are you buying this season to update your look: Shawls and cardigans are simple, cozy and stylish at the same time.

Favorite trend: I love a good pair of ankle or knee-high boots.

Favorite places to shop: Joann’s Fabric, Nordstrom Rack and Burlington Coat Factory. I also shop for fabric online.

Favorite style tip: Love it, wear it, own it!

Item you’ll never part with: My denim button-up shirt, and a pair of pink pumps that I purchased about five years ago for our annual Cancer Survivor celebrations. They are worn down now, but I can’t part with them.

Go-to outfit: A pair of skinny jeans, a crisp button up and a pair of pumps.

Must-have beauty products in your makeup bag: False eyelashes, eyeliner and lip gloss. If I have those three items, I am good to go. Cream-to-powder foundation is anothermust-havee for flawless makeup coverage.

How often you shop for new clothes: I shop when the seasons change or as needed. I fabric shop for myself and clients pretty often.

Favorite colors this season: Pine green and maroon.

Time it takes you to get dressed: If I prepare the night before, I can be dressed in about 45 minutes the next morning.