GJSCI conducts four Day Yoga workshop for global Yoga Day in Seepz

Glimpses of Yoga Workshop by GJSCI at SEEPZ to celebrate International Yoga Day 2016

gem stones &jewelry talent Council of India (GJSCI) is engaging in a weeklong Yoga workshop at the Seepz Lake facet with an aim to promote worldwide Yoga Day. The workshop inaugurated on twenty first June and could pass on for 4 days with the intention to be carried out with the aid of Isha Yoga basis.
extra than 1500 human beings from gem stones & jewellery enterprise participated. As 21st June is declared as global Yoga Day closing year by Honorable prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, in alliance with the United nations to sell the significance of Yoga, it’s far on the grounds that then being renowned as a day of concord and peace all around the international.

Glimpse of Yoga Workshop via GJSCI at SEEPZ to rejoice global Yoga Day 2016Glimpse of Yoga Workshop through GJSCI at SEEPZ to celebrate international Yoga Day 2016Yoga no longer handiest facilitates in bodily health but additionally rejuvenate deepest stage of self-which include thoughts and focus. “Yuj” is the Sanskrit phrase from wherein the word Yoga is derived. Yuj means to combine or to unite physical body and the spirit. It mentions the, spiritual, physical, intellectual disciplines or practices that assist in remodeling thoughts and frame. Relieving practices of yoga reduces the strain and allows in improving flexibility and strength. moreover, it advantages in harmonizing internal self and bringing forth peace. The reason of GJSCI in organizing the workshop is to assist participants of the gem stones and jewellery industry in information this and embracing Yoga as part of their regular regime.
‘Yoga is a priceless gift our ancestors have given us. This practice is over 5000 years antique. way to our prime minister for reinstating its importance in our normal lives. Our workshop is a small step in the direction of the same. allow us to all for this reason work within the path of accepting an worldwide Yoga Day,’ stated Binit Bhatt, C.O.O, GJSCI on the occasion.

The occasion obtained a heat response from the individuals who experienced the impact of yoga at some point of the session.