Gigi Hadid felt Tommy Hilfiger ‘trusted’ her to design her own collection

Gigi Hadid felt Tommy Hilfiger “trusted” her to design the Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid range on her own.

The 21-year-old supermodel, who was announced as the brand’s global ambassador in December 2015 and has since designed her own capsule for the fashion house, has admitted she didn’t know what to expect as a “first time designer” but was grateful Tommy was “supportive” and welcomed her ideas.

Speaking to about her first foray into creating her own collection, the blonde beauty said: “Obviously as a first time designer you don’t really know what you’re going in to and I got a great first try because I don’t have to do all the executing, I get to work with a team that is already so professional with what they do and so great. So I only got to do the fun part really.

“My first design meeting Tommy [Hilfiger] was there and then the second one, he was there for a little bit and then just let me do it on my own, and I think that that was nice, because I felt he like he trusted me and he has just been really supportive and open and welcome to my opinions.”

And although Gigi – who launched a fragrance for the brand called The Girl earlier this year – doubted her ability, she felt reassured the 65-year-old fashion designer handpicked her.

She added: “He picked me because he knows my attention to detail and all that kind of stuff, so I think he knew what he was getting into, he chose me.”

And the catwalk icon has revealed she was “surprised” how difficult she found being both the designer and the model.

She explained: “I think what surprised me that was difficult was that I was obviously designing but I was also the fit model, so having to put the clothes on myself and pin them on myself, and all that stuff, kind of got a bit difficult. But it was a great experience.”

However, Gigi has admitted she “prefers” being a model to a designer because she is “passionate” about pictures.

She said: “I prefer being a model because I am passionate about making pictures. I obviously love clothes but I think it is fun to do on the side as a hobby more.”

[Source:-Sunday world]