Galaxy S8 accessories seemingly revealed in new Samsung leak

samsung galaxy s7 5

Samsung plans to release a swanky faux-leather case with the Galaxy S8, according to a new report.

Specialist blog SamMobile claims it has knowledge of a wide range of accessories set to launch alongside next year’s Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone. The website doesn’t cite a source, but says it has “received information about the official accessories”.

The accessory-in-chief is said to be a premium Protective Cover that’s made from Alcantara leather – that’s a synthetic suede-like material made from polyester and polyurethane, and is common in high-end cars.

But we’ll also see more traditional accessories such as a Protective Cover, a Clear Cover, a Clear View Cover, a Keyboard Cover, and an LED View Cover case, according to the report.

And if that wasn’t enough, Samsung reportedly plans to sell a 2,600mAh battery pack for charging your smartphone on the go, as well as a multimedia dock to provide “enhanced connectivity options” for the Galaxy S8.


samsung galaxy s7 5

In any case, Samsung’s own offerings will likely be bolstered by thousands of third-party accessories, so there should be no shortage of gear for the upcoming phone.

Samsung actually confirmed the Galaxy S8’s existence during the Galaxy Note 7 recall debacle, although the release date remains a mystery. Most speculation points to 26 February, which is the day before Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress technology trade show kicks off. We’re inclined to agree that that’s the most likely date for a Galaxy S8 launch.

But don’t forget that all rumours – even from generally accurate sources such as SamMobile – are tough to verify. Even if Samsung has settled on certain details about the Galaxy S8, the fact that we’re still so far off from the phone’s launch means that many features may be subject to change.