Formlabs to utilise Gravotech 3DESIGN software to advance 3D printing in jewellery

Gravotech 3DESIGN

3D printing technology manufacturer, Formlabs has agreed a partnership deal with Gravotech to further advance its jewellery production plans.

Last year, Formlabs further increased its interest in the jewellery market by aligning itself with Gesswein, a global jewellery supplier, and releasing a functional resin for jewellery applications that achieves fine detail, accuracy and a superior finish.

Now, Formlabs is looking to take advantage of Gravotech’s leading jewellery CAD programme, 3DESIGN. With its powerful free-form sculpting module 3SHAPER and rendering companion DeepImage, 3DESIGN offers jewellers with a competitive software solution. The 3DESIGN software enhances creativity and shorten design and production times.

As the go-to jewellery CAD programme, Formlabs’ integration with 3DESIGN will enable jewellery designers to take any model from the programme’s design environment and transfer it to Formlabs’ Preform software to begin the printing process. Formlabs’ new One Click Print functionality allows designers to begin printing within minutes.

3DESIGN utilises a clear and intuitive interface, allowing fast learning of 3DESIGN CAD and the production of unique pieces in less time. It also boasts libraries of varied objects, able to be enriched with the user’s own creations. A library of Swarovski elements is also integrated. With multiple file import and export options, the user is able to create pieces in other mechanical CAD software and import them in 3DESIGN to use the professional jewelling features. Additionally, designs can be exported in STL or STEP/IGES towards production.

As jewellery applications continue to be manufactured with desktop 3D printing technology, Formlabs has become a regular server of jewellery professionals, who recognise Formlabs’ machines, range of resin materials and products have become indispensable tools for jewellery innovation. Formlabs’ technologies enable jewellery professionals, such as Isaac Cohen and Sarah Graham, to use digital manufacturing to advance the jewellery industry with 3D printing. Jewellery designers find 3D technology particularly beneficial as it allows them to quickly prototype and perfect new deigns, making hundreds of prints a day, and moving directly into production.

Formlabs announced the news while at VicenzaOro, an International Jewellery Show in Vicenza, Italy, earlier this week. They will share more details about the partnership at JCK Tucson, another leading jeweller’s event in Arizona next week.