Faridkot topples city in VAT collections

Ludhiana: In what may seem like an embarrassment for the state excise and taxation department, three out of its seven divisions have registered a negative growth in VAT collections for a period of 10 months from April 15-Jan 16 as compared to April 14-Jan 15.

As a result, there has been a marginal increase of 1.85% in total revenue, which during the current period is Rs15,030.74 crore, as compared to Rs14,756.44 crore last year. Maybe, this is one reason why deputy chief minister Sukhbir Badal reshuffled the top brass of the department recently.

According to data obtained by ToI from the department’s head office, Faridkot division has toppled Ludhiana to register a growth of more than 22%, by earning an additional revenue of Rs292.47 crore, as compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, Ludhiana has managed a gain of 5.14%, and revenue is up in this division by Rs1,57.59 crore.

The Ropar division has managed to take the third spot by registering a growth of 1.95% and earning Rs50.92 crore additional revenue as compared to last year. Interestingly, Jalandhar — which has the highest VAT & CST collection in the state (because of the presence of the state’s highest tax payer Indian Oil’s main office) has managed to register a growth of 0.88% by earning Rs38.80 crore more.

The remaining three divisions have ended up in losses, with revenue from Patiala dipping by Rs190.34 crore, in Ferozepur by Rs38.53 crore, and Amritsar by Rs36.61 crore.



Division——Apr 14-Jan 15——Apr 15-Jan 16—————Growth—————Growth

(in crore rupees)—–(in crore rupees)——-(in crore rupees)——–(in percentage)

Faridkot: 1,312.74—————-1,605.21——————-292.47—————————22.27

Ludhiana: 3,060.84—————-3,218.43——————-157.59—————————-5.14

Ropar: 2,611.12—————-2662.04———————50.92—————————-1.95


Jalandhar: 4,370.20——————-4,409———————38.80—————————-0.88


 Patiala: 1,584.39——————1,394.05—————- (-)190.34———————–(-) 12.01

Ferozepur: 740.69——————–702.16——————(-)38.53————————-(-) 5.20

Amritsar: 1,076.46—————–1,039.85——————-(-) 36.61————————(-) 3.40

[SOURCE :-timesofindia]