Fall Down the Rabbit Hole into Jewelry Designer Mimi So’s Wonderland Collection

From pave diamonds fashioned into an elegant bow ring to crisscrossing lines of diamonds and gold that take the shape of stars, jewelry designer Mimi So creates collections that are eye-catching, playful and incredibly luxurious. It is apparent that her imagination is boundless and informs her design process—perhaps more than most. If you were to label her aesthetic into a prescribed box, dreamer or romantic would be most fitting. As a former graphic designer, she seemingly understands the importance of generating imagery that has resonance; that draws viewers into a world of fantasy. Jewelry designers have different ways to elicit such a reaction, but for So, the best way do this is by crafting pieces that are as whimsical as they are relatable.

“It’s the personal approach to design that sets our brand apart,” she explained. “We are a living lifestyle brand: our collections are time capsules of my life experiences. My clients connect with me through the jewelry, and recognize their own life stories in my work.”

And if you’re looking for jewelry that is recognizable and sparks reverie, look no further than So’s Wonderland collection. Indeed, few can say that they’ve never heard of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, or can’t relate to the wanderlust that the protagonist goes through. For most, Alice’s journey into an unknown, enchanted universe mirrors the perils and uncertainty that comes with growing up. This is why it has been adapted countless times into movies, television shows, comic books and so many other mediums. And now, thanks to So, this timeless tale has taken on the form of fine jewelry.


Photo: Mimi So

“For many years, I felt as if the mysterious roads I followed throughout my life led me down the proverbial rabbit hole,” So explained. “I never knew where they would take me, so I relied on my art to keep me focused. This work became my memoir and Wonderland was born.”

Comprised of an assortment of rings, necklaces and earrings that take the shape of characters from the novel, So took a more literal approach with bringing Wonderland to life. Allegory plays a big role when it comes to the sartorial, but So made sure that the reference was obvious. “Figures from real life inspire nostalgia,” she said. “Most people are animal lovers, so to smile or find comfort in charming butterflies, birds and ladybugs is not surprising.”mimi_so_wonderland_collection_luxury_gift_ideas_1