How An Ex-Finance Executive Started Selling Cakes In London

Joakim Prat and Jeremie Vaislic co-founders and co-CEOs of Maitre ChouxCourtesy of Maitre Choux

After a chance meeting at a dinner party with pastry chef Joakin Prat, in 2015 Jeremie Vaislic sold his financial business and started Maitre Choux. Today, Jeremie has raised over £2.5million in private investment for Maitre Choux, has a new location on King’s Road opening this autumn, and has his eyes set on further expansion throughout London. Traditionally, fine pastries were available in the Michelin-starred restaurants – Jeremie wants to change that and bring the patisserie experience – using the highest quality and freshest ingredients, to everyone. In the last few years alone, Jeremie has been instrumental in the opening of three Maitre Choux shops and kiosks around London, as well as stocking the eclairs, choux and chouquettes at Fortnum & Mason and Caviar House. Fans of the brand include Emma Watson and George Clooney and they’re on track to sell their millionth eclair in 2019. We caught up with Jeremie to hear how he left the cut-throat world of finance for butter, flour, sugar and eggs!

1. You’ve opened three shops and kiosks of Maitre Choux in London in the last few years – what makes London the right market to expand Maitre Choux?

London is a very cosmopolitan, trendy city. People are used to a high standard of quality and love to discover new concepts and new products, whether it is in fashion, art, or food. Since I moved to London in 2004, the standard of food and restaurants has skyrocketed; however, desserts have been left out. There are great bakeries doing brownies, cupcakes, etc but fine desserts of the highest quality are impossible to find in London outside of fine-dining restaurants and a couple of brands. Londoners are craving an offering that is not just a trend, but puts a strong emphasis on the quality of the products as well.
 2. What is your favourite dessert/Maitre Choux product?
Up until last month, it was the Paris-Brest. It’s an eclair filled with a praline cream, whipped cream, praline sauce  and topped with a very thin and crunchy caramelised almond layer. It’s divine and is one of our best sellers. However, I’m a chocolate addict, and we just released a dark chocolate and earl grey eclair available at our new King’s Road location. It’s simply incredible. It’s filled with a cacao biscuit, a dark chocolate ganache, as well as a chocolate mousse infused with earl grey, and it’s just delicious!