Everything you need to know before buying your wedding jewellery



“Do stick to a quintessential traditional bridal look for the wedding. Choose classic designs in diamonds or polki with a single coloured gemstone like an emerald or a ruby. This works especially well for destination weddings.”“Do opt for lightweight and fun pieces for functions beyond the reception and wedding ceremony. I would suggest that brides pick one statement bridal accessory such as a hair ornament, an oversized nose ring, an armband, a waistband or a haath phool. This becomes the focus of her look.”

“Do think of versatility by picking designs with modular, detachable and changeable units that can be worn several ways. We have fusion pieces with polkis, faceted diamonds and coloured stones that work for traditional and contemporary occasions.”


“Don’t buy your clothes first and then match your jewellery. It should be the other way round.

”“Don’t only think of the occasion, think long-term. Jewellery is valuable and an asset for a lifetime, so choose carefully and get advice for the right decision. Buy something that won’t look old and dated in another 10 or 20 years.

”“Don’t buy heavy pieces, especially when it comes to earrings, because you may have to wear them for a long time.”