ECSTASY RIVER DEATH Popular football coach, 21, who usually led ‘clean-living’ lifestyle ‘took ecstasy for the first time’ before he fell into Swansea river and drowned

A POPULAR football coach who usually led a “clean-living” lifestyle “took ecstasy for the first time” before falling to a river and drowning.

Jordan Miers, 21, fell into a river in Swansea after taking MDMA on a night out with workmates, an inquest heard.

Jordan Miers

Jordan Miers fell in a river and drowned after taking MDMA for the first time on a night out

It was said to be out of character for the usually “clean-living” youth coach , who was taking steps to move back in with his family in Bonymaen, Wales after an argument with his long-term girlfriend.

After leaving his pals, the 21-year-old was spotted in an agitated state and stumbling into bushes at Parc Tawe shortly after 10pm on December 19, 2015.

Detective Constable John Nicholls, of South Wales Police, said a witness described Jordan as “agitated and confused”, with his “arms swinging side to side”.

Jordan Miers

Jordan was seen looking distressed and ‘covered in blood’ by witnesses

The last witness to see Jordan alive said the young man was shouting and had blood on his face.

The woman asked if he was all right and phoned police when he did not respond.

DC Nicholls said Jordan walked across the Tawe bridge until he reached the cycle path on the east bank of the river, where he turned left and out of sight.

It emerged the police call-handler who took the witness’ phone call had not passed on this information to officers dispatched to the scene.

This was referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, but acting senior coroner Colin Phillips said the missing detail “probably would not have had any effect on the outcome”.DC Nicholls said it was impossible to pinpoint when and where Jordan fell into the river,  but his body was found in Swansea Marina on January 8, 2016.

The cause of death was given as drowning while under the influence of ecstasy and alcohol.

Jordan was nearly three times over the alcohol level considered sufficient to cause serious toxic effect.

He had also taken MDMA with colleagues after asking one what it felt like.

Six of the group agreed to pitch in, with Jordan splitting a £15 share with another work pal.

The inquest heard Jordan received a text from his girlfriend while on the night out, asking if he hated her.

Keen Chelsea fan Jordan replied: “Of course not we have been together for four-and-a-half years.”

Phillips ruled out any third party violence and recorded a conclusion of death by misadventure.

He said: “It was the first time Jordan had ever used the drug (MDMA).

“He would not have been used to the experience. Quite clearly he was in a confused and disorientated state. This has resulted in him falling, at some point, in the river and sadly drowning.”

[Source:-The SuN]