Eco-friendly jewellery and stationery to make your festivals nature-happy

Jewellery made out of old cloth and mosaic tesserea and pencils from recycled paper, are some eco-friendly products to go for, this festive season.

Innovation and creativity know no boundaries. Living by this motto are a few environment-conscious creative minds who swear by living sustainably. These people are leaving no stone unturned in making this festive season an eco-friendly one! From jewellery made from discarded clothes and mosaic tesserae, pencils made using recycled paper, to artifacts made from papier mache, there’s a lot they are working on to inspire you, this festive season.


Sameera Satija, a Gurgaon resident who makes jewellery out of discarded kurtis and other clothes, says, “The idea struck me when I came upon an article in a newspaper on how a major part of landfills comprises old clothes. I started using beads and charms from my old kurtis, picked up a needle and thread, and imagination took different shapes. I have been giving things makeovers ever since I was born. I would never throw anything, so that I could turn it into something else. My family used to call me kabadiwali. Back then, it was creativity for me, but later when I found myself inclined towards environmental issues, one of my friends pointed that I was actually recycling things. I am also a mosaic artist, and make jewellery using mosaic tesserea,” says Satija.

However, Sameera never started recycling for commercial purposes, and even today, makes recycled jewellery for her friends only. “Soon, I will showcase them on an online portal, which will include a lot of other items made out of leftovers. Recycling is a sustainable practice. I’m also going to teach the skill at an NGO, so that I can provide them some skills for sustainable earning.”