Dune’s gorgeous new bridal shoe and accessory collection is set to rival designers

Dune bridal shoes

The struggle for bridal shoes is real. I know it sounds a tad dramatic, but it is. On many occasions I have trawled the shops with brides in search of the perfect shoe.

Are they too high? Are they the right colour? Are they too expensive? Will I wear them again? Will they be comfy? Will anyone care?

Well, if you’re a bride to be or got hitched recently, you will know that you will care, a great deal.

We’ve all been there on nights out, or even in the office, with achy feet from the really beautiful shoes that cost an arm and a leg – that you can’t return because they’re lined with either blood or plaster gunk. The struggle is real.

So when it comes to your wedding day, shoes are vital. The designer pair may seem like a fairy tale option. After all, it’s your wedding day, you deserve a designer pair. But what about the cost of the flowers, the favours and the food to throw in all with all that?

Small savings go a long way when it comes to your big day and over the past couple of years, the high street has come to realise this. Brands such as ASOS, H&M and Debenhams have bridal collections. And wow Dune have launched a bridal collection of shoes and accessories and it’s got the designer look all over it.

The collection has shoes and accessories in traditional ivories and creams as well as pastel pinks and royal blues – which is great, if you’re short on your something blue option.

Clutches come in plain satins and embellishment, as well as shoes in peep-toes, ankle straps and varied heel heights.

Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s blue Manolo Blahniks in Sex and The City? Well, Dune have their very own version called the Breanna. Dreams really do come true.

1. Morgen Heel, in ivory (and black), £115

Dune tie up bridal shoes
How gorgeous is the ankle detailing?

2. Breanna in Blue, £95

Dune blue bridal shoes
Carrie, eat your heart out

3. Bridey bag in ivory and blue, £55

Dune Clutch
Simple with an elegant clasp

4. Dolley in blush, ivory, blue and pewter, £75

Dune Dolley Shoes