We’ve all seen those pictures of models off-duty, all legs and arms, strolling out fashion shows, sporting just a simple tank top or vest over a pair of slouchy trousers or denims and yet managing to look super stylish. While the rest of us might not all be able to capture that air of super-relaxed, I-woke-up-looking-this-good nonchalance, we can try and build a wardrobe that gets us halfway there thanks to supermodel Surelee Joseph. Surelee has walked for everyone from Sabyasachi to Manish Malhotra and is a regular at Lakme Fashion Week and Amazon India Fashion Week.
Together with stylist, Marvin D’Souza and entrepreneur Sujal Shah, the trio have launched comfort-wear e-commerce brand BandraRoad. The site’s first drop includes 4 styles of Joggers in various fits and washes as well as tank tops and T-shirts. Here, the model tells us why joggers are the site’s flagship product.

Why is comfort so important to you? Particularly given your work as a model?
Being a model, I get to wear the latest in fashion trends.  It’s great fun and every girl’s dream to play dress up daily.  But real life for me and most people doesn’t require brilliant high end fashion every day.  The world has moved more and more towards comfort.  Increasingly, you’ve also seen high end fashion designers give a nod to the importance of comfort with style in their athleisure collections. One thing I’ve learned for sure is that fashion is personal and you’ll look amazing in whatever you wear if you are comfortable first.

You’ve debuted BandraRoad with a line of Joggers. Why did you choose to focus on those?
I’ve been studying international trends and joggers have become a huge business in the States and overseas.  In India however it’s still hard to find a good pair of comfortable joggers at a reasonable price!

How would you style the joggers?
That’s the beauty of joggers, they can be styled up or down depending on your mood or occasion.
Pair them with fun trainers and a light, loose viscose Tee and you have the perfect Bandra vibe.  Have to meet friends at a bar later? Simple, pair the joggers with ankle boots or even stiletto heels, change your top to a low neck tank, and throw on a well-fitting blazer (optional). Finish the look with a statement neckpiece (minimal, not too loud) and wrist cuff (optional).

As someone who is always on the go, what are the wardrobe essentials you will always carry in your suitcase?
Joggers, tank tops, a pair of fun kicks, sunglasses, a light cotton dresses, skinny jeans, a light sweatshirt (for the plane!) and a white T-shirt.
We love that you have a pair of joggers inspired by Missy Elliot.
When designing our products we take time to look at inspirations from pop culture.  Each one of our joggers has a name.   The MissE was a no brainer, the moment we saw the camouflage pattern and fabric, the song “Get Your Freak On” popped into our heads. It was perfect! She is talented, a bad-ass, makes great music, and always looks comfortable.