Don’t blame your body, it’s the label: This shopper shows how dress sizes mislead

Mira Hirsch’s Instagram post shows her trying on two different garments of the same size which don’t fit her in the same manner.

We have all had moments in the changing room when we realise that two pairs of jeans or T-shirts may be of the same size but don’t fit us in the same manner. But while it may drive some to depression and feeling ashamed about their body, an Instagrammer has decided to use the occasion to make people feel more positive about themselves and realise it’s a quirk of labelling.


Mira Hirsch is a South African body-positive influencer. In a recent post on her Instagram account, she juxtaposes two images of herself wearing jeans of the same size. While one of them fits her perfectly, the other one doesn’t. Through the image, Hirsch points out that the numbers on the labels of our clothes are meaningless.

“You look for something in your usual size, it doesn’t fit and you end up leaving the store feeling so s****y about yourself, letting diet culture kick in, and self-loathing take over…” she says in the post, adding, “Stop trying to fit into the “ideal size”! Wear clothes that you feel funky in!”